Data Protection and Disaster Planning

Every company—no matter of big or small—should implement a data protection plan. Why? Because data recovery for a server can cost upwards of $10,000—not to mention two weeks of expensive downtime. Is it possible for a disgruntled ex-employee to access your data—and create havoc? Although as consumers we routinely spend thousands of dollars a year insuring our homes, health and automobiles, all-to-often small-to-medium sized companies under-invest in data protection and disaster recovery. Yet here’s the sobering reality: if a natural or man-made disaster makes your data disappear, you could be out of business.

F1Networx will help you build and implement a disaster recovery plan. Working with key players in your company, we’ll prioritize your back-up systems, both on-site and off, to determine what data must be stored, which needs to be stored first, and for how long.